The Ultra-Bio-Ozone® mini-pools supplied by Altipure® are made of stainless steel. Two different easy-to-use models are available: with or without overflow. They can be built in or simply be self-supporting. Our mini-pools come fully equipped, ready to be installed and connected: bubble bench, countercurrent swimming, integrated filtration system, optional heat pump.

> All mini-pools are equipped with the Ultra-Bio-Ozone® system.


Traitement naturel de l'eau

Natural water

Altipure® baths
minimise the use
of chemicals.

90 % de temps d’entretien gagné

2x less time

The effectiveness
of the treatment means
that maintenance
operations can be
spaced out.

4X fois plus économe en eau

4x more

Altipure® baths only
need to be emptied
once a month instead of
four times a month for
competing systems
(basis: 1500 L.)

A unique sensory experience


One-piece pool 5mx2.3m, height 145 cm, depth 135 cm, mirror-polished, glossy or brushed finish in 316 stainless steel.

> Technical room integrated under the bubble bench (100% surface optimization).

> 3 inner corner steps. Location to be defined depending on installation.

> Insulation: bottom 10 cm walls 5 cm with reinforced aluminum foil.

> Powerful countercurrent swimming.

> Pro Performance: Complete UV Ozone filtration and bacteriological treatment.

> PH-ORP controller with sensors and injection pumps.

> Automatic, programmable backwash.

> Silent inverter reversible heat pump 9 kW hot / cold operation at outdoor temperatures down to -15 degrees, heat pump can be integrated into the equipment room.

> Electric heating 2 x 3 kW (automated operation for fast heating or in very cold weather, to supplement the -12-degree heat pump).

> Complete remote management by direct wifi or Internet.

> 4-seat massage or bubble bench.

> Skimmer and bottom drain.

> 4 multicolor LED spotlights.