Experience the Ultra-Bio-Ozone® acrylic overflow spa from Altipure®.

Ready-to-install, with integrated, customizable technology, acrylic spas are designed for professional use.

> All our spas are equipped with the Ultra-Bio-Ozone® system.

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A unique experience…


Intended for intensive public and professional use, the acrylic overflow spa is equipped with Ultra Bio Ozone® filtration and treatment technology®.

• An integrated system: includes all the components required for its operation (electrical box, filtration, pumps, bacteriological treatment, heating, heat pump, etc.).

• Thanks to its overflow, the water level remains the same whether one or more users in the bath.

• Comfortable sitting position, complete immersion in perfectly clear, clean water.

• Stainless steel massage nozzles that cannot be dismantled by users.

• 4 different massage positions: localized massage or a more soothing, relaxing massage.

• Surface impurities are drained by the overflow and a bottom nozzle, the water is then filtered to 1 micron.

• First acrylic overflow spa with bacteriological treatment to significantly reduce the use of chemicals Ultra-Bio-Ozone® (patent EP2785648).

• Customizable: choice of tank color and exterior cladding. Please contact us.