Contrôleur automatique Ph/chlore

Automatic pH/Chlorine
Controller :

Compact system with automatic pH and chlorine
control. This device allows precise and instantaneous

Pilotage à distance Gestion wifi/smartphone

Remote Control Wifi/Smartphone Management :

Wherever you are, stay in control of all
the features of your Altipure® equipment
via smart-phone :

  • Checking and setting the temperature
  • pH and chlorine injection control
  • Pressure control
  • Data history
Remplisseur automatique

Automatic Filler :

Your bath is directly connected to the
water supply. The automatic filler continuously
adjusts the water level in the bath. You no
longer have to worry about topping up the
water and moving your hose.

Rétrolovage automatique

Automatic Backwash :

Backwashing allows the filter to be cleaned
thoroughly. Altipure® offers to perform this
task automatically without human intervention
and as often as you wish.